What Is Your Brand?

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Do you know what your brand is, or even more importantly, do your customers? In today’s market defining your brand and what you stand for or offer can make or break you. It is important to know who you are as a company, own it, and be true to it. Let’s face it, there is a lot of competition out there, what are you doing to stand out?

Brand recognition is a big piece of the equation. People tend to go with things that they know or make them comfortable, the household name or something they have atleast heard of. Do your customers really “Know” you? Have you made every effort to get in front of your customers? Have you tapped into the social media realm? Are you Linked In? How do you rank in search engines?

Brand consistency is another big factor into defining who you are. Pick a direction and really own it, be true to who you are be consistent across all mediums to better familiarity and become more memorable. There should be a seamless look and feel across all of your marketing materials and advertising. Colors, symbols, fonts, etc. should all be cohesive and flow from one piece to another.

Is your Brand Message compelling? So it’s consistent and plastered all over the universe, is it grabbing attention and drawing customers to your company? Even if you have taken care of the two previous areas of your brand, they both are much less relevant if the message is lackluster.

There is a lot of thought, strategy, and research that goes into branding, if your brand isn’t what it should be or if you are a start-up just getting going, let us help you build, cultivate and launch your brand effectively.

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