Lehman Design is not your typical advertising agency. We are a very creative group who looks at every project differently. Your company is unique from our other clients, so why shouldn’t your solution be unique as well? We custom tailor each project and its solution based on your needs. We ask the right questions and deliver results.


At Lehman Design we always think “Big Picture”, what are you really trying to achieve and what is the best way to do it. By considering the short-term and long-term effects of what we will do, we can prepare you for the future and create a well rounded campaign. With a little planning and foresight, as your project and company evolve we can create solutions to help your marketing strategy evolve with it. Many website design companies will simply throw a logo on a site they have built a hundred times, change some colors and call it a day. Not here. We try to truly capture what your business all about. Your website and marketing materials have a direct effect on your company, presentation of it. and public perception of who and what you are. Our goal is to make sure you are properly represented.

Website Design

Portfolio_Web_HeaderImageYour online presence is a more important that ever, have you made your best effort? Your brick and mortar may be your bread and butter, but your customers and the way they shop and make decisions is changing everyday. When was the last time you picked up the phone book to find something? There is a reason almost anyone you ask knows what Google is, search engines are primarily where people go to get their information whether its on their home computer or smart phone. The average customer likes to educate themselves before making a decision. Your website is the first place they will look, even if it is just to get your phone number or address. If your website isn’t top notch, you may not even get the chance to get them in your store. Presentation is paramount and perception is reality, make sure you have put your best foot forward.

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Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce, is basically the buying, selling, marketing and distribution of goods or services online. We have many turn-key Ecommerce solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. From online/in-store inventory management to custom shopping cart solutions, we have you covered. Creating an online shopping cart isn’t just a matter of putting products on a page with a “Buy Now” button. It is important to know your customers and the market for your products. We make a point to educate ourselves in your business and the online opportunities that surround it. We do a market analysis and determine the most effective way to sell your products or services.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is defined simply as, a set of steps taken when developing your website, to ensure your site performs well when people try to find it. If your site has already been created, there are things we can do to it to improve its searchability and performance too. Your site’s code, architecture, keywords, copy, and description all effect your position within the search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization Services Include:
  • Keyword Analysis – Determing which keywords and phrases will generate the best leads for your business.
  • Site Submission – We submit important pages of your website to be indexed in Google and Yahoo so that searches return better matches to your keywords and site information.
  • Links/Reciprocal Links – Links to and from your website give your site credibility as a site that others recommend and refer. Over time, you generate a solid list of referers and will see better placement and increased traffic.
  • Site Content Improvements – We will evaluate your site and determine what aspects can be streamlined to improve performance. Copy, navigation and architecture can all have a big impact on your results.
  • Competition – We evaluate what your key competitors are doing and find ways to generate better results than they achieve.

Search Engine Marketing

The whole part of your website is to get people to come to it so you can sell your products and services. The problem with that is, even if you have the greatest website ever, if you don’t tell people it is out there or where to find it, than nobody will ever visit it. Optimizing your site to perform well in search engines, pay-per-click, blast emails, search directory management, and online advertising campaigns are just some of the ways we can get people there.

eNewsletters and Blast Emails

In most cases, unless you update your site all of the time, once someone visits your site, there isn’t a lot of motivation to come back. eNewsletters are a great way to update people with new information and revive interest. These targeting mailings keep you on the mind of your customers and can lead to return trips the site.

Blast Email Tracking Results


A blog is a buzzword created from combining the words web and log. Simply put, an online compilation of comments on a particular subject in response previous comments. Some people use blogs to meet people, promote their business or to just “BS”. Blogs are a great way to share your expertise and educate people, bringing value to you and your company.


Banner Ads

There is a big buzz about banner ads again. Today banner ads are more results driven and have a stronger purpose. There is a lot of high-traffic real estate available to put well-designed banner ads that speak to your customer. There are many options from daily to monthly and rotating placements for you to reach your target demographic.


Product Label & Packaging Design

Portfolio_Labels_HeaderImageOn a shelf at your local grocery store or specialty shop, does your product stand out amongst the competition? If a customer can’t taste or sample your product how can they make their decision? The packaging and presentation of your product is a big part of how it is percieved and recognized. The world may never know you have an award winning product if it comes generic, second-rate packaging.
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Print and Visual Graphic Design

Portfolio_Print2_HeaderImageThe core of any agency even one specializing in new media, is still good layout and design. We have been developing eye catching graphics for logos, banners, fliers, ads, postcards, and brochures for years. Well organized pieces that follow a grid and utilize good color theory, harmonize with whitespace and exciting imagery make for a stimulating result that grab attention and engage the viewer.
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Promotional Items

Have an event or tradeshow coming up where you would like to give away a cool product or item with your logo on it? There are over 500,000 items you can customize with your identity and give away or sell for your self promotion. Many of these products are cost-effective and cool to use and have, whether it is your standard ink pen or custom embrodered apparel, we can accomodate your promotional needs.
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Signage & Retail Graphics

We can design, output and install custom vinyl graphics for just about any application from vehicle decals, wraps, window stickers, signage, banners, and posters. We can do one-off, custom pieces or larger runs for your specific business needs.
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Apparel & Custom Clothing Design

Portfolio_Apparel_HeaderWe have been creating clothing and accessories from sweatshirts, polos, t-shirts, hats and outerwear for clients that have events, outings, giveaways or just want to outfit their team for years. We custom design the layouts for screenprinting, embroidery, and heat transfer as well as order and deliver the apparel right to your door. We are a real turn-key custom clothing and apparel solution.
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Vehicle Graphics & Decals

Portfolio_Vinyl_HeaderImageHave a big white van in your fleet you would love to have professially lettered or wrapped in vinyl? Why not take advantage or creating a “rolling billboard” to generate thousands of impressions of your business daily? Vinyl graphics from simple vehicle numbers to huge, colorful images, can get people to start looking at you and your company. Make a statement and stand out amongst your competition.  We can design, output and install custom vinyl graphics for just about any application from vehicle decals, wraps, window stickers, signage, banners, and posters.
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